Social  Gymnastics

Tumbling and Trampoline


Our Tumbling and Trampoline program focuses on developing acrobatics, from basic skills all the way through to more advanced tumbling passes.

Ninja FreeStyle


Become a ninja warrior and challenge your own limits through a series of challenging obstacles at Gladstone Ninja FreeStyle classes. Ninja FreeStyle will combine:


• The coordination from gymnastics

• The strength and agility from obstacles

• The creativity and excitement of parkour and freestyle movement


Ninja FreeStyle challenges kids, teenagers, and adults to be active, creative, and skillful.


Exercise, play, and activity are a part of life and have numerous physical, emotional and psychological benefits for developing minds and bodies.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we are passionate about getting kids involved with Ninja FreeStyle:

Self esteem and respect

Teaches kids to recognise and value their own abilities and have respect for themselves and others. It helps build their confidence, enabling them to grow and overcome any obstacles they face in real life

Strength and fitness

Offers a range of physical benefits such as flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and agility whilst having fun at the same time

Communication and
Social Skills

Encourages kids to build better relationships and social skills. All our programs encourage social interaction, teamwork, and positive communication

Mental focus

Helps kids get off technology and encourages physical and mental growth. This in turn promotes a positive healthy lifestyle and develops discipline, self-control and focused energy

Masters / Adult Classes

Whether you are a returning gymnast or have never stepped foot in a gym before, our Adult classes are flexible to meet your goals! Our open Adult class will challenge and develop your strength, flexibility, agility, balance and tumbling. We also offer Masters classes where you have the opportunity to learn on all the apparatus and compete in a Masters competition which allows you to showcase the skills you have learnt in a fun and supportive environment.

Fitter For Life (50 Years+)

Our ‘Gentle Gym’ class aims to improve daily activity such as walking upstairs, carrying the groceries, bending down and simply keeping mobile in your later years. These classes are always lots of fun and provide social opportunities, while improving muscular endurance, posture, balance, mobility and promoting heart health.