Tiny Explorers
(6 months – 2 years)


Tiny Explorers Playgroup allows parents to introduce their children to a range of activities they may not have access to at home. It is a safe way for parents to encourage their children to try new things and engage socially with others. Our Playgroup provides the opportunity to explore different environments, equipment, toys, shapes and textures.


An array of climbing, jumping, hanging, swinging, springing, balancing, bouncing, rolling, throwing, catching and sliding activities are presented to your child to explore in a safe, caring and stimulating environment!

Curious Groovers
(2-3 Years)

In this child-parent class designed for 2-year old’s, our qualified and enthusiastic coaches will guide you through 45 minutes of balancing, swinging and jumping! Your little one will develop self-confidence and independence in a safe learning environment with a new and exciting circuit each fortnight! In this class, 1 circuit will be structured and 1 will be exploratory to allow children to learn the basics of gymnastics and explore song, motor skills, coordination and teamwork!

Busy Groovers
(3-4 Years)


In this child-parent class designed for 3-year old’s, your little one will experience 45 minutes of basic gymnastics skills in a fun and safe learning environment. Our experienced coaches will assist your children to develop their gross motor skills such as jumping, balancing and swinging while boosting their confidence and love for movement. In this class, each fortnight will consist of 2 new circuits, both being structured to encourage independence and concentration while still exploring in a stimulating environment.

Kindy Groovers
(4-5 Years)


In this child-independent class, parents are required to stay and supervise the class, however they will not participate in the activity. Kindy Groovers will develop your child’s independence and is an introduction to our Steps Program. This will consist of an exciting warm-up, and 2 structured circuits to begin understanding the fundamental gymnastic activities of swing, balance, rebound and acrobatics.