The Club operates from the Anna Turetschek Gymnastic Arena located at the PCYC Multi Purpose Sports Complex, 53 Yarroon St, Gladstone.

Gladstone Gymnastics is a not for profit organisation and boasts over 700 square metres of space designed and built specifically for our Gymnastic programs. Our facility features a full size gymnastics floor, a vault runway, three high and three low beams, two sets of competition bars, three single rails, two sets of P-Bars, canopy rings, Pit Rings, numerous mushrooms for boys, FIG pommel, one pit bar and two strap bar rails, tumble track, as well as an in-ground trampoline with harnesses.

In addition to all of this equipment the club also has hundreds of teaching aides including an in-ground pit, rope activity centre and that’s just part of what is on offer.