Shannon O'Shea

Shannon O’Shea

“YOU can do this! You CAN do this! You can DO this! Sums up what we believe to be the mantra of Gladstone Gymnastics Club.

If you want your son or daughter to be strong in body and mind: to be ambitious, calm and fearless in the face of a challenge: to have great deportment, carriage and grace: to be sportsmanlike in defeat or triumph: to have a seriously positive work ethic : to be competitive and humble in facing life’s battles, then Narelle and I suggest you have them join Gladstone Gymnastics Club.

Both our daughters were nurtured by the club under the watchful eyes of Anna Turetschek (Mrs T) and, in the case of our second daughter Shannon, Mrs T and Silke, in the old gym in Auckland Street. We are, and will forever be, grateful for the contribution made by the club in their development.

In the year 2000 Mrs T was heard to say “They said we couldn’t do it BUT we did!”

Thank you Gladstone Gymnastics Club!”

Denis O’Shea

Keecia Mallie

Keecia Mallie

“Fourteen years ago we took a frightened, shy little girl to her first kinder gym class in a little old building in Auckland Street. She shyly took the coaches hand who made her feel welcome and commenced to challenge her with numerous movement activities and games. Little did we know that this was the first step to a long and wonderful relationship with the Gladstone Gymnastics Club.

The club’s coaches ensure that they help shape the whole child. They have a teaching focus that fosters discipline and a passion for the sport of gymnastics. Gladstone Gymnastics Club has helped shape my daughter into the responsible young adult that she is. I thank Mrs Anna Turetschek and her daughter Silke Hetherington along with the wonderful staff and committee members for their contribution and commitment to the Gladstone Gymnastics Club and for making it the success that it is today.”

Ann Pengelly

Lawrie Family

Jessica, Dayna and Ella Lawrie

“The Gladstone Gymnastics Club played a large role in the development of our three daughters.  Our girls joined the club in 2001 and learnt so many wonderful life lessons through the sport of gymnastics.  The club and its dedicated staff allowed our daughters to not only learn gymnastic skills, but learn the value of discipline, hard work and dedication.  These skills have flowed into the many other activities they have been involved in (whether it be other sports or academic work).  The friendships that we have formed through gymnastics over the years have been lovely and the trips away to competitions were always enjoyable.  We have many fond memories of our time in the club and enjoy seeing our daughters use the skills they have learnt into their adult life.  Thank you Gladstone Gymnastics Club!”

Donna & Geordie Lawrie