General Gymnastics

Our General Gymnastics Program is designed for children of all ages and abilities. Gymnasts in this program follow the Gladstone Gymnastics ‘Groovers’ program. This program was specifically developed by the Gladstone Gymnastics Club. The program consists of four progressive badges. It is a developmental program which starts out with fundamental gymnastic skills and goes on to more specific gymnastic skills/elements. The program is an evolving guideline and is designed to support the Gymnastics Australia National Levels Program. Gymnasts are continuously assessed throughout the term and receive two report cards per year. These report cards will provide parents and gymnasts a resource to track progressions and outline skills required to attain each badge. Gymnasts perform in an in house style competition called a ‘Term Event’ once or twice in the year.


The ‘Groovers’ classes are split into age levels although, each gymnast’s personal development is catered for and assessed. Our coaches are all trained in the ‘Gladstone Groovers Program’. Our trainee coaches receive regular professional development and are closely monitored and mentored by our accredited coaches. A ‘Floor Manager’ is allocated to support all our coaches during our ‘Groovers’ classes. Our Gladstone ‘Groovers’ Program is broken up into the following classes:-


  • Junior Groovers– For gymnasts who are attending ‘Prep’ at school.
  • Mighty Groovers– Is for the beginner gymnasts in Year 1+ at school. The emphasis in this class is on confident body management as they are taught to roll, jump, swing and turn upside down.

For more information, view the General Gym Program Information Brochure.