Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics 1

Gymnasts perform optional routines to music with set requirements. Gymnasts train under the Australian Gymnastics Federation scheme and progress through ten levels. Acrobatic Gymnastics involves work in groups. Gymnasts can perform in: Women’s, Men’s, and Mixed Pairs, Women’s Trios, Men’s Fours. To be eligible to participate in Acrobatic Gymnastics, gymnasts must demonstrate ability in acrobatic and balance skills as required for this discipline. Gymnasts in the competitive program are expected to attend all training sessions.


Acrobatic Gymnastics 3

All of our Coaches are fully accredited and are State and National qualified in the disciplines they teach (or are in the process of gaining accreditation). Accreditation is through the Australian Coaching Council’s National Coaches Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). Coaches who are in training are under the supervision of a qualified coach. Some of our coaches also hold tertiary qualifications. Accreditation procedures also require that coaches hold a current Senior First Aid certificate (or equivalent) and Positive Notice Blue Card (Working with Children Card). It is a requirement of employment with Gladstone Gymnastics that coaches participate in regular in-house training sessions as well as attend workshops and courses throughout the year. Many of our younger coaches possess high levels of up to date technical expertise in gymnastics as a result of many recent years of intensive training as competitors.

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